The Douglas Center offers on-the-job training in the following areas:

  • Food Service Training:  A program participant run snack shop and deli (Bell’s Deli) is available to provide  basic hands-on training in food services and retail skills.
  • Customer Service Training: A program participant run Thrift Store is available to provide training in customer service, budgeting skills, inventory and shopping.
  • Independent Living Skills Training: Development of independence through skills training such as money management, budgeting, safety, job readiness skills, etc.
  • Horticulture Training: Program participants engage in the planting, maintenance and caring of the center’s indoor plants and outside landscaping. Participant activities have also included the painting of a variety of murals throughout the Work Center. Horticultural activities for individuals living with disabilities provide a multitude of benefits for those participating in them.


Program Participants are given the opportunity to gain employment. Under the support and guidance of staff and participation in our Job Readiness group, participants will learn on-the-job functions for selected positions within The Douglas Center while earning an income. The Supported Employment program serves as a stepping stone for participants seeking to establish a work history and to prepare to pursue a career path of their choice within the community when they are ready.