Welcome to The Douglas Center

The Douglas Center, a non-profit organization located in Skokie, Illinois, provides day programs for individuals with intellectual, developmental,  physical and mental disabilities. Through our Work Program we offer employment opportunities that include  manufacturing, commercial/industrial sewing, packaging, assembly, shrink wrapping, labeling, heat sealing, fulfillment services, etc. by partnering with local manufacturers, businesses and individuals on work contracts/projects. Our center offers pre-vocational skills and work training (including sheltered workshops), Supported Employment program, “Art From The Heart” Creations program, “Young at Heart” Seniors program as well as developmental rehabilitation for adults of all ages.

The Douglas Center opened its doors in 1999. Today, we provide a home away from home for hard working and dedicated individuals. Our comprehensive programming, clinical services, training programs, employment opportunities and Seniors program are focused on assisting each individual in the management of their disabilities and building of self-esteem while developing and/or improving existing social, work and independent living skills. The Douglas Center serves individuals living with disabilities in the Chicago Metropolitan and suburban area.

Our Mission

The mission of The Douglas Center is to assist adults living with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities in improving their independent living skills and enrichment of their quality of life.


“We shall pass through this world but once. Therefore, any good thing we can can do, or any kindness we can show to others, let us do it now. Let us not defer it for we shall not pass this way again.” – Stephen Grellet